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Building Your Resume with UNA-USA - Shared screen with speaker view
tatiana scantlebury
The Bronx, NY
Lorena Madera
Thank you to all the panelists for taking their time to share about their experiences and expertise.
Lorena Madera
One question: How important it is to keep your resume at one-page long? I have always got conflicting feedbacks from my professors and advisers and they always contradict each other on the appropriate length of a resume
Javita Nauth
Thank you for sharing all these awesome insights! I have a question: I’m a social work grad student focusing in mental health. What are some tips on how to highlighting transferable skills? Thanks again!
Alison London Bentley
Do you write your UNA experience differently on your C-V than your resume?
Mary McGee
Please feel free to reach out about questions or resume edits as well. Email: Mary.McGee@colostate.edu
Javita Nauth
thank you!!
Stephanie Evangelista
Amazing job, thank you for sharing your expertise and resume points and advice! Personally, I have been involved with UNA through a community chapter, campus chapter, and national fellowships. Would you recommend I separate or merge my experiences together on my CV? I currently have them listed separately but would love to have some input.
Mary McGee
So many experiences lead you to gaining more transferable skills. Always look at job descriptions and try to think about all the different experiences you've had tie in to those positions. You can spin sooo many things to make you a very qualified candidate pretty easily!