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ASPIRE: Guidelines for an LGBT-inclusive COVID-19 response - Shared screen with speaker view
Pedro Paradiso Sottile
Felicitaciones a Victor Madrigal Borloz por presentar esta importante guía frente a la pandemia del coronavirus sobre recomendaciones a los Estados en relación a las personas LGBTI. Mi saludo a Victor y todes les panelistes.
Pedro Paradiso Sottile
Congratulations to Victor Madrigal Borloz for presenting this important guide to the coronavirus pandemic on recommendations to States regarding LGBTI people. My salutations to Victor and all the panelists.
Amitrajit Saha
Thank you Victor Madrigal and colleagues for launching the ASPIRE guide...
Sean Howell
Health disparities are a no win outcome for all. Very happy to see Victor Madrigal push for these and make them visible on the int’l level.
Phil Crehan
such a great conversation. will there be time at the end for question, or do we type them here
Grace Anderson
Please ask your questions in the Q&A box, thanks!
Grace Anderson
For those interested, the full ASPIRE guidelines can be found on the Mandate’s webpage under “highlights” here https://www.ohchr.org/en/issues/sexualorientationgender/pages/index.aspx
Phil Crehan
Thanks again for this great conversation. Very inspiring. Generally, the guidelines sound good - insofar as they are not RANKED and can happen concurrently. If ranked, evidence comes as a bit of an afterthought, even though it is one of the most important things to do during a pandemic. Along the lines of DATA, I am hoping we step outside our "silos" a bit to better understand the data needs of "other" social groups (persons with disabilities, racial minorities, migrants, HIV, etc). This goes beyond intersectionality, I think, to truly understand the patterns that all of our "groups" are facing, and to collectively demand better practices of data and inclusive programs. Acknowledging that (in light of governments not leading), civil society with private sector, academia are NOW LEADING on data and emergency funds is a powerful framing. I'm writing about this for the WEF, happy to send along that work.
Mauro Cabral Grinspan
I agree with you, Phil, and actually we see the pandemic creating new key populations defined by issues such as race, disability, migrant status
Mauro Cabral Grinspan
And a strict LGTB lens it is far from enough
Phil Crehan
Thanks a lot, Mauro!
Phil Crehan
In addition to health disparities, we're also seeing a surge of extreme poverty and situational poverty. This shows just how excluded the LGBTI community has been from social and economic systems. As advocates, how can we use these guidelines and this moment to pull in socioeconomic institutions, and others like economists, Ministries of Finance, anti-poverty plans, to combat the loss of livelihoods in the long term?
Sean Howell
the more direct link to the guidelines, https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Issues/SexualOrientation/SPB-GAS-SOGI-LetterCOVID19_EN.docx